4 Productivity Tips For 2017

Hey friends and followers, thought this would be a good post as we are nearing the end of 2016. For me i knew that i needed some extra motivation for staying productive in 2017 so i wanted to do some research and share some of the hacks i find. Did you reach your goals in 2016? Why not? If being unproductive as you could be that’s why i’m writing this to you. I know i am guilty as charged.

So without further waiting i present to you 5 tips for being productive in 2017:

1. Schedule Most Important Activities First – Deal with your most essential tasks first, only work on the things that really matter and will help you get done what needs to get done.

2. Take Breaks – do 45 minutes of high focused effort, followed up by 15 minutes of something else. After 45 minutes, our to focus starts to dwindle and we can’t perform at 100% If you just utilize those  2 tips you’ll gain clarity and focus on what your working on. Be prepared to make things work at all costs.

3. Write Down Ideas On Paper – If your feeling stuck, write down the issues your having. Use a good old pen and paper to regain focus and productivity. Also keep the notes you’ve written down as a resource to stay focused. You can do it!

4.) Track Productivity Time – have a productive block of work time? Great! Now note that and remember how and what you were doing to stay productive. Then just repeat! It’s not hard. Sometimes we make things harder than they need to be.

Thanks for reading those 4 productivity hacks. And big thanks to Wenatchee home loans for helping sponsor us at our last business event. Next time i’ll be sharing ideas on starting your first business, it’s a simpler process than many believe but i’ll break it down for you! Cheers.

Biz Conference MAY 16

Yo Jose here, just wanted to make a post about a business conference our team attended over memorial day weekend 2016. The event was in NCW. It was a blast. Great weather. Great People. Great Times. That sums it up, but anyways before i get to the business highlights i want to share a little trial that stood in our way on the ride over. So about 100 miles into our trip and 20 miles from our destination, our driver ran over something and blew our tire and we slid about 50 feet and nearly into a 15 foot ditch, crazy right! We all were shook, but thanked God that we weren’t seriously injured. After finding out we didn’t have a spare tire i realized we were going to have to call a Tow man. Problem was none of us had any cell reception, so i jogged about 3 miles up a hill till i got a few bars on my phone and was able to call 509 Towing . They were great and had dispatched someone immediately to help us out. It took them about 25 minutes to reach us and the tow man fixed up our tire and we were back in business and on the road!


Now on to the conference!!

What the overall theme was to be productive at all times during work hours. They had some great insight and value we could take back and teach our team.

  1. Was take breaks every hour for 10 minutes – by doing this you can get reenergized by stretching or eating a snack. It also helps with eye strains.
  2. Be responsible for yourself – At a certain point and time we need to be responsible for ourselves and hold yourself accountable for shortcomings.
  3. Read every day – Studies show that reading a book for 15-30 minutes a day greatly increases our brains capacity to obtain new information.

Alright! Enjoy those productive hacks and have a killer week. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments –



Pest In the Valley

Guys, i know it’s been a minute since my last post but i had to tell you about how we are helping create online software for Pest Control businesses. We’ve had a great team of developers working on this project night and day. Now it’s finally come to fruition! What we do is help small pest control companies bill their customers right on the spot. We have a CC payment processsor that get’s payments directly sent to the bank accounts of business owners.

We plan on expanding into different niches like plumbers and carpet cleaning. But for now it’s just pest control services that we are working with. Our first client Apple Land Pest Control has been using our software the past 2 months and have been extreamly satisfied with the service we have been providing them. The owner has been singing our praises. He now get’s paid on the spot up to 125% more compared to before.


If you know of any pest control companies in your area that would benefit from our software we would greatly appreciate your spreading the word.. AND of course we will have a refferal program in place to give you a commission for reffering us to a new company.

Well guys that’s the exiting news i had for you all! In other news anyone out there watching the NBA Playoff’s this year? It’s been a great year of post season ball. I’m gonna be pulling for my spurs to take it all. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, and Tony Parker deserve one more ring in my opinion.

Warriors are such a strong team though, well .. i guess we’ll see what happen’s i might make another few posts on this Post season so stick around to read more of the posts i have on here if your a Bball fan. Alright, signing off.



Construction Award

Here’s an overdue post i needed to make weeks ago. This post is going to be explaining an award we decided to give to one of the top home remodeling companies in all of the Pacific Northwest. With out further ado i present to you E.D.Y. Construction. This company shows excellence in Home Remodeling, Home construction, custom homes, handyman services, and more!

home custom

The photo above displays the award winning custom kitchen design award we gave them for the NW home builders association. I really appreciate the detail and overall design. Im sure you can as well just looking at it. A panel of 100 judges voted and this kitchen design won 73/100 votes. Not bad! It fells great to give EDY this award because i can tell that they are a hardworking company that stands by moral values.

Just needed to get this post out so you all could view it. It deserves to be seen by many homeowners looking to improve their outdated home. This company can literally get a new kitchen designed in less than a week! That’s just unheard of where i’m from. If you have a minute go checkout there site and view their full portfolio. It’s great.

If you like this photo design, please give it a share on a social media site please! If your looking for an expert home builder/contractor give EDY a call they will be there to help you in any way that you can.

Next blog i will resume with some online business strategies you can use to expand and grow your business in 2016. This has been a great start to the year for us and i’d love for yall to see what we’ve been up to.

So stick around and be on the lookout for something new this upcoming week.

Alright guys this was Jose with an original WSI post.

The Benefits of Doing Business

There are many benefits to being your own boss and owning your own business. #1 is being able to do what you want when you want and never worry about the repercussions. For example: Last week i flew into Washington State and instead of getting a taxi after arriving at the airport i got swooped up in a nice luxurious limo, by a professional ran limo business. It’s a great feeling to be able to do when you want whenever you want, it’s also empowering to know that you are in control of every situation and aspect of your online business.

But, with great power comes great responsibility. One of my mentors always told me stories of how leading a company with 300+ employees had its strengths and weaknesses. It can be daunting to lead and motivate 300 people to stay focused and driven to lead the company forward. The negatives always outweigh the positives however.

Biz PicHaving the power to impact 300+ employees gives you the chance to lead them and give them the best chance at being successful in their lives in and outside of business. Helping and establishing a connection with the employees with give them a purpose for working for you. All you have to do is maintain their trust and respect and they will strive for excellence and satisfaction.

I can tell you much more about my experiences learning from my mentor, but for now i will keep on with the original goal of this blog post.

So here are my top 5 benefits of doing business:

  • You are in control of your destiny
  • You can lead and inspire others
  • You get to make a real difference
  • You empower yourself to become a better person and business leader
  • You learn how to cope with the ups and downs

To elaborate, being in control of your destiny means there is nothing that can hold you back, but you! Being able to lead and inspire others will help you relate and become a better leader. Making a difference means you can go out and connect with the community and get others pumped to change their lives for the better. When your in control you get to evaluate yourself better and learn how to become a better leader for your company. Last of all being able to cope with the ups and downs in business makes it completely satisfying that you get to grow and learn how to lead better through trials and tribulations.

Alright guys, hope you liked the post, next one will becoming soon and it will be a great one!


Our First Post!

This is a post to test how we like the look of our new blog! More posts will be coming soon! We blog alot of great business tips and life advice. If you like business talk your in the right place. We’ll keep you entertained for every single post we make.


More to come. Stay tuned.